IX Piano Bridges International Сompetition for Amateur Pianists
St. Petersburg, Russia, June 30 — July 6, 2019


Natalia Dobrovolskaya, Founder of the Piano Bridges Competition has passed away today, 15 March. She was an amazing person who gathered and united us all around music. She founded a fantastic contest that gave so many people an opportunity to experience happiness and fulfilment on stage. She inspired us with her dedication, sincerity and inexhaustible energy. The monthly concerts Natalia organized have always been held to a full house. She was good friends not only with the competition participants but also with many of the listeners and competition fans. She left and indelible mark in the lives of the people who knew her and also in the cultural life of the city and in music history in general.

The 9th Paino Bridges Competition will take place in St. Petersburg from 30 June till 6 July 2019, as planned.

The Organizing Committee express their condolences to Natalia’s supportive and loving family. 

Natalia will always live in our hearts.

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Dear friends,

We welcome you to the Piano Bridges International Competition website!

Piano playing is an integral part of music culture, and, like any other form of art, it is a source of self-realization, spiritual development, and forming of taste. Piano music has always had its admirers around the world and amateur piano playing exists on equal terms with other forms of musical art. And all of us who play the piano just for the love of music keep this remarkable tradition – even staying outside the professional music society.

The Piano Bridges Competition was founded in July 2011 in keeping with the best traditions of amateur piano playing in Europe and around the world. Over the eight years of its existence, it has welcomed participants from 35 countries.

The competition aims to draw attention to amateur piano performances, maintain interest in performing among piano amateurs and promote their further creative development.

The Piano Bridges International Competition is one of the few in the world that provides its contestants with a unique opportunity to perform not only a solo repertoire but also in a piano ensemble – one piano (4, 6 etc. hands) or two pianos.

The other significant feature is the monthly concerts with the participation of the finalist and winners of the competition that are held throughout the year at different venues in St. Petersburg and other cities (Pavlovsk, Veliky Novgorod, Vyritsa, Gatchina, Vyborg, Moscow).

The educational part of the competition includes free  masterclasses held by the jury members.
Starting from 2016 the contestants will be able to receive feedback from the jury members at a specially organized meeting after the the first round.

It is an outstanding and important event for every musician to perform in St. Petersburg. The city on the banks of the Neva river is especially attractive in July when the White Nights can be observed. We really hope that taking part in the Piano Bridges Competition will be a great opportunity for you to gain experience, become well-known to our audience and be inspired for your future work.

We look forward to seeing you at the Piano Bridges Competition!

Good luck!