Competition 2011

Winners 2011

1st Prize    Loïc Lafontaine & Veronika Pirojenko
2nd Prize  not awarded
3rd Prize   Julien Kurtz
4th Prize   Raouf Mamedov & Julien Lombardo
5th Prize   not awarded

Video 2011

Photos 2011


Special Diplomas

Nadezhda Solovyova –  Special prize and Diploma For an expressive performance of Contemporary St. Petersburg

Konstantin Mamontov – For improvisational manner of a performance of a composition by Gershwin

Michael Shepetko – For the serious intention of performing

Loïc Lafontaine – For performance artistry and best interpretation of a composition by J. S. Bach

Veronika Pirojenko – For the best performance of a Vienese Classical Work and compositions of F. Chopin

Julien Kurtz – For an imaginative and poetic performance

Grieta Jankava – For a convening performance of a work by a composer from the participants home country

Georgi Belokonev – For a displey of musicality in works by P. I. Tchaikovsky

David Caldine – For an artistically convening performance of Russian polyphonic music


David Caldine
Grieta Jankava
Julien Kurtz
Julien Lombardo
Loïc Lafontaine
Raouf Mamedov
Veronika Pirojenko
Georgi Belokonev
Irina Galkova
Maria Loseva
Mary Myachkova
Nadezhda Solovyova

List of Participants 2011 

Georgi Belokonev (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
David Caldine (Firefax, USA)
Irina Galkova (Moscow, Russia)
Natalia Istomina (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)
Grieta Jankava (Olaine, Latvia)
Yuri Karusev (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
Julien Kurtz (Sahune, France)
Loïc Lafontaine (Paris, France)
Julien Lombardo (Paris, France)
Anna-Maria Lopushanskaya (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
Maria Loseva (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
Raouf Mamedov (Basel, Switzerland)
Konstantin Mamontov (Moscow, Russia)
Anna Molchanova (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)
Maria Myachkova (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
Ekaterina Novakovich (Kiev, Ukaraine)
Veronika Pirojenko (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
Michael Shepetko (Minsk, Belarus)
Nadezhda Solovyova (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
Darina Tarasyuk (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
Dominique Xardel (Paris, France)
Peter Zavitaev (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

Special thanks – to Henrich Martyugov!


Tatiana Kassara, chief editor of the publishing house “Letopis”
Alexander Chan, designer, author of the competititon’s logo
Tatiana Shamina, Head. of cultural programs and Alevtina Chekalova, Head. group responsible duty, the Russian National Library
Olga Kosogor, Head. Department of Cultural Programs Library Mayakovsky
Olga Goncharuk, rector of the St. Petersburg Engineering University of Economics (ENGECON)
Student Club and the leadership of the Faculty of Arts, St. Petersburg State University
Leadership library № 6, Centralized Library System of Nevsky District Rybatskoe
Alexander Ponomarev, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Chair of Piano St. Petersburg University of Culture and Arts
Sergei Priyatkin, executive secretary of the Union of Artists of St. Petersburg
Maria Galpert, director of AMD’s laboratories
Tatiana Orlova, the director of music school named after Rimsky-Korsakov

For help in organizing and conducting the competition: Genrih Martyugov, Eugenia Suchkova, Margarita Kondrashuk, Ilona Shyrokikh, Arina Sulaeva and Vasilisa Shatrova – students of St. Petersburg the children school of arts № 2, Svetlana Meskhi, Talgat Arakeev, Anna Koroleva – students of Russian State Herzen Pedagogical University